Washington Tour Gave Me A Memorable And Relaxing Experience

A short and relaxing break is always required to start up freshly and end up all the work stress. As per my profession, I have lot of work to be managed and attend various clients and employees all with different mentalities. To deal them psychologically and friendly has an everlasting affect on my performance as well as on the working of the company. To end up all this stress, I decided to take a break from my daily routine and so I planned Washington trip with my husband.


Delhi to Washington FlightsDelhi to Washington Flights | Image Resource : pinimg.com

As my routine is packed with official schedules, I have hardly any time to spare. In such a packed routine internet services has provided us with quick and valid services. I gone through various airline companies and checked the tariffs and services provided by them. After going through various Delhi to Washington flights, I selected to go for virgin Atlantic airways. Inclusive of all halts, it takes around 26 hours to reach Washington from Delhi. In less than 60 seconds, my air ticket was booked through online air Reservation Company. The final day of departure arrived and we checked in at Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi.

Memorable experience in the flight while Washington trip

Our departure time from New Delhi was 12:55 pm. As I had chosen for the business class, I was availed with numerous facilities. The extraordinary services of the staffs are at once grasping. There are various sources of entertainment to entertain you throughout your journey. The gourmet meals together with entertaining and relaxing movies and music freshen up our mood and there is no boredom. Every possible necessity was available keeping in mind the health consciousness of the people. The seat too was relaxing one with neat covers.


Virgin Atlantic Business ClassVirgin Atlantic Business Class | Image Resource : ytimg.com

Healthy and non spicy food was the remarkable feature of the airway. Flying experience with such a prestigious airline is at once appreciable. Online travel portals are numerous which help to find the best hotel in the city of Washington with much comfort. And finally I booked Hotel Lombardy which is 0.9 km from white house.

Washington is the best place to explore your trip

The very next day at around 10:03 am we landed at Washington Dulles International Airport. It takes around 30 to 40 minutes to travel by road to the hotel from the airport. After taking our meal and powerful nap, we then went to explore the famous places of Washington.

Firstly we went to White House, the official residence and workplace of United State’s president. The beautiful architectural building has an eye soothing affect and is maintained very nicely.

Then we moved to National Zoo, the oldest zoos of the city. This is divided in two campuses and contains the best known great pandas. Distinct and varied birds, animals, reptiles and mammals are present here which beautify the place.

Then our last destination was Washington national Cathedral is the oldest church built around fourteenth century. All the places gave me suitable and exciting information which can be grasped only after visiting here.


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